Two main types of sedation are offered within our practice to help continue the comfort and care for all patients during their treatment. Oral and IV sedation provides an increase in patient comfort when in conjunction with the local anesthetic that is used for all procedures. Sedation during treatment also assists in calming the patient, reducing the patients anxiety, and lowering the overall fear of treatment. 

Oral Sedation:

  • Oral sedation is also known as Minimal Conscious Sedation 
  • Pills are taken orally prior to the treatment. Generally patients take the prescribed medication twice before treatment is provided
  • Patients are able to communicate normally under oral sedation. However, cognitive communication may be delayed.
  • Can help reduce the anxiety and stress that comes prior to an appointment 

IV Sedation :

  •  IV sedation is considered Moderate Conscious Sedation
  • This method provides exceptional comfort for patients during elongated procedures
  • Patients generally do not remember the procedure, but are conscious during it
  • Allots for easy administration due to its direct delivery  into the bloodstream with specific amounts that are catered to the patients health status and particular needs of the patient 

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