Platelet Bio-Technology

 Endoret® Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (prgf®) Technology

What is Plasma Rich in Growth Factors?

ENDORET® is a unique , patented system that has all the health certifications necessary at international level, which makes it the safest and highest-quality technique currently on the market.  ENDORET® is the first technique based on obtaining a concentrate of 100% autologous growth factors (obtained using a small amount of blood from the patient. It is recognized all over the world and is patented by BTI Biotechnology Institute. 

Did you know the solution for a healthy mouth is inside you?

This regenerative medicine technique enables us to isolate, concentrate and remove growth factors; a set of proteins present in our blood, responsible for repairing tissues naturally. The use of the ENDORET®  technology has been a revolution in the field of dental medicine that means we can offer solutions that are minimally invasive, customized, bio-safe, and predictable to guarantee success of the treatment. 

Why does our practice use ENDORET®?

Because its application is very beneficial for you. The use of ENDORET® in dental medicine favors quicker and more predictable healing, reducing, not only the pain but also the risk of infection. 


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