Periodontal Maintenance

Regular Periodontal Maintenance is very important to your periodontal health and maintaining previous treatment. You have made an investment in your teeth and gums; let us help you keep that smile. 

You have completed your initial therapy and/or surgical treatment. You have now entered the periodontal maintenance therapy (PMT) phase of your periodontal treatment. Once your periodontal treatment is completed it is very important that you maintain regular professional cleanings. Our staff will help you with instructions on proper oral hygiene to use at home which will aid in keeping periodontal disease from reoccurring or becoming more serious. A professional periodontal maintenance cleaning at our practice performed at intervals of 3 months maintains the health of your gums, and allows the doctor to monitor your tissue for signs of infection. To maintain your health after gum infection, periodontal maintenance is a must. To learn about the differences of Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings and Regular Dental Cleanings please read below. 

Periodontal Maintenance Therapy (PMT) vs. Regular Cleaning

Periodontal Maintenance Therapy
What is a PMT?
This procedure is for patients who have completed periodontal treatment (surgical and/or non surgical). Periodontal maintenance therapy consists of a full mouth probing (periodontal evaluation), removal of bacteria (plaque and tarter), scaling and polishing of the teeth, review of oral hygiene, irrigation of pockets if necessary, and fluoride treatment. The procedure will be done by a Registered Dental Hygienist and an evaluation by your Periodontist. 

Why Every 3 Months?
Your re-care interval is structured especially for you and your needs. As a periodontal patient with a history of gum disease, it is clinically proven that the bacteria in plaque reorganize every 90 days. Debriding (scaling/cleaning) the periodontal pocket every 3 months disrupts the bacteria. This reduces the inflammatory response and is proven to more effectively maintain periodontal health. 

Alternating Every 3 Months:
Once your periodontal status is stable, we will alternate your re-care with your general dentist. This means you will be seen every 3 months: twice a year by your general dentist; twice a year by us. 

Regular Cleaning (Prophylaxis)
A “prophy” or cleaning is a preventative hygiene service for someone that generally has healthy gums and teeth, recommended at an interval of every 6 months. Based on your clinical needs, you may be scheduled a “prophy” every three or four months. Why? Possible reasons include, and are not limited to orthodontics, dry mouth, high cavity risk, sub-optimal self-care, and/or systemic conditions. Most typically, your appointments consist of cleaning above the gum line, using hand or ultrasonic instruments, self-care suggestions, and on an annual basis a full mouth periodontal assessment. These dental cleanings focus on removing plaque and other irritants from the mouth, flossing, and polishing of each tooth. Deposits build up on your teeth and form tartar, which is a leading cause of many oral health problems. Regular dental cleanings are recommended for all of our patients who do not have bone loss, periodontal disease or infection near the teeth or in the mouth. It is the best way to prevent periodontal disease.

Your oral, dental, and overall health is a team approach between your dentist, hygienist, and you. Please do not hesitate to discuss your care with our team today at (910) 577-1315.   

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