Benefit and Payment Information

Online Payment

Please click on the Make Online Payment Here link and follow the steps below to make a digital payment.


  1. Click on the link above and you will be asked to provide your first and last name along with your birthdate (dd/mm/yyyy).
  2. Enter the amount you wish to pay and a note. (You must put a note under the payment.)
  3. Input your credit card information and accurate billing address that would match with the credit card.
  4. Payment will be processed and deducted from your account.

If you have any difficulties processing an online payment or have any questions feel free to contact our office.

In-House Payment Options

For your convenience, we accept cash, personal checks, most major credit cards, CareCredit, Lending Club, and GreenSky. Payment is expected at the time services are performed. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions if your treatment plan requires extensive dental work and you would like to discuss further financial arrangements.

Charge Options

Dental Insurance

Our practice is currently in-network with Delta Dental only. As a courtesy, the practice files with out-of-network insurances and the patient will be reimbursed after services have been rendered. Our Treatment Coordinator can submit a pre-treatment estimate with your insurance company to determine an estimated cost for your procedure. We would like to remind you that your specific policy is an agreement between you and your insurance company. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for the total of services rendered regardless if the insurance benefits are less than originally anticipated. It is your responsibility to understand your policy and be aware of the effective dates, any waiting periods, your yearly maximums and deductibles. Different insurance companies vary greatly in the types of coverage they offer, the timeliness in which their claims are handled and when payments are completed.

Any further questions or concerns about insurance can be sent to: [email protected]

Financing Options

CareCredit is a credit card that you can use to pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance, and special financing options are available that you may not be able to get with other cards. CareCredit is a credit card service that can be used for any medical expenses and even the vets office. For more details, click on their logo below.


LendingClub provides patients with a way to pay for the care they need. Unlike other plans, applicants will see all amounts, monthly payments, and interest rates they prequalify for, with no impact to their credit until they select a plan and move forward. Their approval rates and practice fees are highly competitive. And the application process is fast and easy, so you will have the funding needed for optimal care. For more details, click on their logo below.

Lending Club

GreenSky allows patients to get pre-qualified with a soft-hit to their credit. In comparison to some plans, GreenSky allows no interest payment options for up to twenty-four months. Also, patients are allotted to increased security with the feature of accepting or denying transactions. Once a transaction has been processed, the patient will receive an email or a text message asking for permission to process the charge. GreenSky is considered as a personal loan service. For more details and FAQs, click on the logo below.

For any questions on our financial options, please email: [email protected]


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