Dental Robotics

Are you preparing for dental implant surgery?

Yomi-Enabled Surgery is a state-of-the-art treatment to help you get your smile back!


Why might my dentist recommend Yomi?

Yomi patients experience a new level of care with the benefits of robotic assistance.  Yomi gives your dental team important information on your teeth and jaws that helps them personalized treatment for your specific needs. The system robotically guides your dentist’s hand to achieve that plan. The technology allows the dentist to adapt the plan per their expertise and your patient care needs.

Yomi empowers your dental team to provide you with personalized, precise, enhanced patient care.

Yomi Case

Yomi promotes a more convenient treatment experience, with fewer visits, due to a digitally guided flow. Yomi allows for same-day implants and flapless surgery for candidate patients. Yomi assists dental team in providing highly efficient treatment, for an elevated patient care experience.

Yomi® Overview

Yomi Patient FAQs

What is Yomi-Enabled Surgery?

Yomi provides assistance to the dental surgeon in planning and placing your implants. Yomi provides dental surgeons with robotic guidance during surgery. This helps your dental team place your implant precisely for a natural look and feel.

Are robotic procedures new?
Robotic assistance is becoming a standard of care in medicine, used to help over one million patients every year[1]. Yomi is the first and only system for robotic guidance for dental surgery in the United States.

Does Yomi replace my dental surgeon?
Yomi does not replace your dental surgeon. Yomi gives your dental surgeon helpful assistance. The dental surgeon holds onto and directs the Yomi instruments. Yomi combines your dental surgeon’s skill with the benefits of robotic surgery.

What can I expect with Yomi surgery?
If Yomi is right for you, your dental team will create a custom treatment plan with Yomi software. During surgery, Yomi will assist your dental surgeon. Yomi will provide important information that your dental surgeon can feel, hear and see.

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