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What is Gum Recession?

If your gums are starting to recede find out what might be going on.gum recession

Have you suddenly noticed that your teeth are starting to look longer and that your gums have started to pull away from your teeth? If so, you may be wondering what’s going on and whether this warrants a trip to visit our Jacksonville, NC, general dentist, Dr. Jose Arauz. We are here to tell you why you might want to pick up the phone and give us a call if you notice these changes in your gums.

So, what exactly do receding gums actually mean? Well, it could be warning you that you have gum disease, a chronic bacterial infection that can kill healthy gum tissue and even go as far as to cause tooth and bone loss.

If you are noticing receding gums then you could be dealing with gum disease. If this is the case it’s important that you visit our Jacksonville dentist right away for treatment.

How will my dentist treat my gum recession?

If you have only minimal gum recession then coming in for a professional deep cleaning may be all you need to get your gums back on track and healthy again. During this cleaning, we will remove plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth, gum line and even tooth roots.

If you are dealing with severe gum recession then we may need to perform gum grafting surgery to improve the shape and contour of your gums. Remember, the sooner you seek treatment the better. When in doubt about your oral health, give us a call and ask. Your mouth will thank you.

If you notice any changes to your gums, it’s important that you get the issue checked out right away. And if you are dealing with tooth loss, it’s time to call our Jacksonville, NC, dental implant specialist right away for a consultation.

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